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A reliable rebooting mechanism for Data Mover Services
Data Mover is a Teradata Application that allows users to copy databases or tables between Teradata systems. It is a J2EE-based application that is composed of three major code components: the Client (Command-line interface or Viewpoint portlet), the Daemon, and the Agent.
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Spring managed transaction issue with Teradata
In my application, hibernate transactions are managed by spring aop and uses Terdata as database. THIS ISSUES IS SPECIFIC TO TERADATA AND THE SAME CODE WORKS FINE IN MYSQL. There is one service class i.e. ServiceClass. It has method called save which takes list of objects as parameters and checks whether it is modified or not by checking it with data from database. After that it calls the DAO class which persist the data in database. ServiceClass method's aop:
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Create an iBatis SQL Map with Teradata Plug-in for Eclipse
The iBatis framework is a lightweight data mapping framework and persistence API. It couples objects with stored procedures or SQL statements using a XML descriptor. The iBatis SQL Map wizard allows you to quickly generate an iBatis SQL map for a given SQL statement or stored procedure.
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Create a Teradata Project using the Teradata Plug-in for Eclipse
The Teradata project is an extension of a Java project in Eclipse and it can be created by using the Teradata Project Wizard. This new type of project is set up based on Teradata Standards which can be overridden with preferences. The Teradata project will give you access to Teradata libraries.
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Using the Spring DAO Wizard with the Teradata Plug-in for Eclipse
In the last article, it was shown how to create Java Bean Wrapper classes that can be called from a Spring Data Access Object (DAO) using the Java Bean Wrapper Wizard. This article will demonstrate how to tie Java Bean Wrapper classes together using the Spring DAO Wizard to create a reusable data access layer for a business service. Also it will be shown how to create an automated unit test for your DAO.
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Using the Spring Framework with the Teradata Plug-in for Eclipse
This will be a series of articles explaining how the Spring framework can be used with the Teradata Plug-in for Eclipse to create a data access layer for your business services. The Java Bean Wrapper wizard allows the user to quickly generate a Java Bean class for a given SQL statement or stored procedure. Also the Wizard has an option to generate a Java Bean which can be run with the Spring Data Access Object (DAO) framework. By calling a generated Java Bean from a DAO, the Bean will have access to the Spring transaction management. Also the Java Wrapper Beans are reusable components which could be used in different DAOs. The Bean Helper Classes can be used as Spring domain objects. Also the Bean will facilitate the support of OUT parameters for stored procedures and multiple result sets inside of a Spring DAO. This article will show how to setup a project that uses Spring DAOs with the Teradata Plug-in for Eclipse. This article will also show how to create Java Bean Wrapper classes that can be called from a Spring DAO using the Java Bean Wrapper Wizard.
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The Friday Night Project #9 – Wiring up the Web service
Last week we used the Eclipse WTP Web service Wizard to create the TZA Property Insurance Web service. We automatically created a series of plumbing code (within the com.teradata.tza.insurance.service and com.teradata.schemas.tza.insurance.service packages) plus a single Implementation (PropertyInsuranceSoapBindingImpl.java) class that the author is expected to customize. This class provides an SOA Presentation Veneer (User Interface) that can act as an entry point into the TZA-InsuranceService Business Process. This week we will demonstrate how to "Wire" up the different parts of the project in order to connect the Web service Presentation Veneer into the Business Process, Business Objects and Repository layer and therefore on through to the database and the data tables.
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The Friday Night Project #7 – A Console Veneer
In this session of the Friday Night Project we are finally going to create a Presentation Veneer that will use the Simple Quotation Engine business process we created last week. However, don’t go getting all excited about MVC Web Pages, Portlets or Web services as we are going back to basics for this one with a plain old Command Line or Console Application interface. Think of it like “Basic Training” Toto, where we establish a usage pattern that we can apply across all further Presentation Veneers.
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