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What could be the cause of this?
I have the following two queries with similar source views and joins:
The first one has more columns projected but is not returning a spool space issue: (EXPLAIN plan provided below - 5 steps)
SEL      D.PrimaryIndex

I have found that when I create a volatile table with say 200million rows where the primary index is explicitely stated and matches the first column in the table, I use much more spool space than if I just let Teradata defined the primary index.   Should, you define a primary index on a volatile table if the index is only on the first column in the temp t

We are having ~1000 Business Users, who are accessing the Teradata Production system.

The business users are assigned to a common profile.We want to set a spool space limit for the business users at profile level.

How can we get the value of spool space that will enable the buiness user's queries to run smoothly.

Greetings Experts,
In the scenario of NO MORE SPOOL SPACE, can this be attributed to any one of the AMPs (similar to the permanent space, on which one of the amp has high peak perm space).  I guess the blank cylinders are used for the spool space (also does reserve database for spool may come in handy on this situations).

Hi , I am facing issues during the execution of one recursive query .
means currently the query is running out of spool. 
Even table size is < 500 MB and total record is 1800 .
During execution query used spool space > 1.5 TB  , can you please help me to optimize this query .
Thanks a lot in advance.

Spool space is used by user to store intermediate result of queries.They are released as and when a query finishes.
I would like to know is there any way to track the spool space usage of a particular user in the Teradata system.For example, what was the maximum and average spool

I encountered a spool space issue while running the query.
Kindly help me understand the root cause and if there are any specific areas to look for in case of spool space issue.
Thanks in advance
query is as follows:

When i get an error stating 'NO MORE SPOOL SPACE IN USER' what does it mean?
My understanding is that spool space is allocated equally across all AMPs and upper limit is defined for an USER.
For example if FREE SPACE available is 500 GB and there are 10 AMPS then each amp gets 50 GB of spool space.

Need some clarity on spool space allocation.

1. Lets say i have a user "user1" has a perm space 100gb and spool space 500gb (shared between 10 users) and user1 has access to a database DB1 which has 500gb of spool space. In this case what is the ceiling spool space this user has while querying the database DB1?

Does anyone know of a way to determine the amount of spool space a Teradata account is allocated?

Spool space is used in different steps of a query. If we run an explain on a query there maybe multiple steps and spools used in them.

Question is that the maximum spool used by the query is combined spool space used by all steps or the maximum spool space used from amongst all the steps?