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This is a new one for me.  When I run the command below, I get a spool error.  The table has about 620 million rows in it.  Can someone please suggest what I need to do in order to resolve this?


I am new to teradata and stil learning.Currently working on TD Express VM provided by TD
I was not able to create a db with normal "create database" query on SQL Assitant

As spool file is one of the usual issue of complex queries or queries run upon large data sets, It would be good to have chance to look at skew of spool files. If it was a chance to somehow check/calculate skew of spool file - even if it is per query and steps of the query, it would be more than useful.

I have a quick question regarding processing of views.

Hello !
How to check/decide about correct Spool limit one user should have?

I have a situation on a productions system where our production jobs are failing with the 'Out of spool space on disk' error since yesterday. This process has been running for over a year and the data volumes being processed are consistent with the usual.

For a given time period, I find that FileSCiAcqKB and FileSciDyRRelKB are both much larger than the sum of FileSDbAcqKB and FileSDBPresKB. Why would there be more IO reported to CylinderIndices than DataBlocks?

I was wondering if there were any recommendations on spool space limits imposed on users.  We currently use Profiles in our Teradata systems to enforce a 200GB spool limit on the end users.  This has been in place for years and we have rarely seen an issue.

Hi All,
I tried below for an explain plan of a table Table1 and got some head scratching questions:

Explain Select * from DB1.Table1;




1) First, we lock DB1.Table1 for access.

2) Next, we do an all-AMPs RETRIEVE step from

     DB1.Table1 by way of an all-rows scan

Usually spool space level can be defined either at user or database level.since user will only be running queries,we need a temp. space to hold the intermediate table data but why you need a spool space level to be defined at database level and what is the use of defining it at database level?

Is it possible to set up an alert when peak spool/spool for a user goes beyond a certain value? P.S. Viewpoint version i want to set up it on is 14.01
(I read in these forums this is possible on 14.10 onwards) But is there a workaround for 14.01?

Could someone please answer:
I have a table with one of the columns defined as VARCHAR(255) even though the char length would never exceed 15 characters.
Is there any performance impact in defining a column as VARCHAR(255) against defining it as VARCHAR(15).

Hi All,
Lets say i have a view like
create view view1 as
sel * from  tab1 inner join tab2 loj tab3;
When user A hits this view, the spool required for the operation "sel * from  tab1 inner join tab2 loj tab3" is taken from user A  or by some other means??

We have an existing Cognos 8 environment (running on Windows 32bit) connecting to Teradata via ODBC driver using a Teradata account with 2GB/amp in spool setting, and the report is working fine.

when select inserting from one table to another -- where both have compression on the same column...  what does teradata do?  Does it need to decompress each & every column first -- to get the value and then attempt to insert it into the destination table by check each compressed value there & then storing it? 

I have a user whose job keeps abending with a 2646. When I check the spool distribution, not even one amp is touching the allocated spool ceiling. Here is how the data is distributed for the ID during the query in question ( I won't put the entire result set because there are so many rows, but I ordered by peakspool descending):

FADWDPLM $LB$&S&D&H 83 5,518,902,272.00 10,666,309,509.00
FADWDPLM $LB$&S&D&H 149 147,533,824.00 10,666,309,509.00
FADWDPLM $LB$&S&D&H 108 104,856,064.00 10,666,309,509.00

hello all
My table size is around 150 GB
When I tried to execute a simple sql " select * from the table "
No more spool error occurred
any specific reason !!

Any idea why TPT is using more spool than the same query in other tools such a SQL Assistiant?