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I'm using TDCH to export a hive data into teradata table. For this I need to specify the number of mappers to my TDCH job. So, my question is "is this number of mappers option we give to TDCH job is just a hint to TDCH? or number of mappers created by TDCH will always be equal to number of mappers given in the option" (of the TDCH job)?

Hi all

I have a record with several fields, and the las one has a large text. 

This text has a separator ; so what i would like to do is go from 1 large field with separators to various columns.

This applies to many files ( > 5000) and lots of records (aprox 200 mill) so i dont think something like awk would be efficient. 

So currently I have code that gives an output of

FY08 1 N 99999999 07200880977 20060401 A 5066.00 16.66