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I am using publish_lob_ref to publish a resultset. The data has some special characters ( &, >, < ). In the published results these special characters are not getting escaped. Is there something I have to set in xst to make this happen?

We are facing an urgent problem where we need to find out the special characters in a Teradata column. Do you know how can we find it?
The special character can be smiley/@#$%^&*/any winding font character. We don’t have a comprehensive list of special characters.
Below potion we can use …

I have a table which has a column where I can find special characters like &Altide; &Abc; etc. The total list of special characters is 110, I identified them using the logic anything between "&" and ";" is a special character and finally cross checked manually. Now I need to find and replace them in my table with space(" ").