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We have a scenario in our teradata database where perm space is not getting released even when we delete all rows from the tables. Also, under the same condition the current perm of 2 replica tables with same rowcount, same structure and same index are deviating by 300% .

We recently had a situation where some rows of data contained trailing spaces ie. 'ABC123    ', when we did a trim on the field it didn't remove the trailing space as was expected.  The source data was loaded from an Excel spreadsheet into a TD table.  To be exact it was 4 spaces.

I have a situation on a productions system where our production jobs are failing with the 'Out of spool space on disk' error since yesterday. This process has been running for over a year and the data volumes being processed are consistent with the usual.

I am exporting a large amount of data into a file.The specification is like each column should be seperated by pipe.If there is no data,there should be space.(| |)
I need file in this format
if there is data it should be like this

Hi, I'm Sebastian and I need your help you. I have rows with '    ' data, for example:
My table have 1 row of the name 'tx_name' and... in the name have:
'     Pepito'(in that case use trim for remove )
'Pepito      Albert'(How remove it this space?)
I try with:

What will be present if no permanent space is available in the DB and why? -

a. Views and Macros       

b. views only       

c. Macros only.

Using these settings the results of my SQL ran using Bteq is written to a file with no column headers, the only thing I can't figure out is how to get rid of the 10 spaces that are written to the export file before the results of the SQL.