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Hi ,
I have a stored prodcedure. How do I make sure that the exit is not graceful. I am able to capture the error code and message but the stored procedure succeeds. 
In short how do I Abort a stored procdure and push it to failure state. 

I was wondering if there are work-arounds for creating stored procedures in Teradata Aster without using SQL-MapReduce.

Hi all,
I am facing the below error while trying to call a SP from another SP!!
CALL Failed. 3523:  TEMP:An owner referenced by user does not have EXECUTE PROCEDURE access to temp1. 

Experts, I am not sure, if I am putting this problem in the right forum. But just want to have some inputs from you:-
I have created a Stored Proedure (takes a table name as an input parameter), which I am using in DataStage tool Version 8.1.

Hi All,
    I have a SP like below.

Hi, I have couple of qs on SP. Could you please through some light on them?
1) The RequestText field in DBC.Tables does not show the definition of a SP (NULL); while some SPs show values like "ALTER PROCEDURE '535953444241'xn.'535055F5354414745'xn COMPILE;"

Hi All,
    How to exit an SP in a midway if some conditions are met? is LEAVE the only option? Also in SP manual states that if leave is used all the open cursors will be closed in that block, if so is there some other means by which we can exit the SP midway without closing the cursors?

Is it possible to collect stats for VT's inside Procedures? 

In the above link at the end its given as Currently, statistics are not supported on BEGIN and END period types.  That capability is planned for a future release.

Hi All,

 Hi all,
     I have this below statement.
sel case when date  is not null then
cast(extract(month from date) as smallint) || substring(cast(extract(year from date) as varchar(4)),3,2)
else null
end as Temp

Inside a Stored Procedure i need to read the values from a flat file and load that into a table and do some operations in that. Likewise i also need to do some transformations in some tables and write the output into a flat file. How can i achieve this functionality inside a SP?
Thanks in advance :)

I'm trying to parametrize a stored procedure, which takes one input string parameter and use it in the where clause in dynamic cursor.
The following snippet works with one parameter but when the list is like "US,GE", then it fails..

How to check whether the particular user has execute permission for the SP? If not how to grant?
Thanks in advance :)

What is the skewness of a stored procedure in Teradata?
I am getting the Skew factor close to 100 (~99) for SPs in Teradata.
 The database only contains SPs.Is it that SPs are stored AMP local and cannot be distributed across AMPs like a tables dat?

I am new to stored procedure. We might need to capture error code from store procedure in bteq to take decision based on success/failure of stored procedure.How can I return ERRORCODE from store procedure? I would like to use BTEQ syntax .IF ERRORCODE <> 0 to take decision based on stored procedure success/failure.