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The ODBC Driver for Solaris allows you to connect to the Teradata database from Solaris applications.

Teradata Wallet provides secure storage for private information, such as Teradata Database passwords, on client computers. The stored information can then be used when logging on to the Teradata Database. This download package is for the Solaris platform.

Teradata Call-Level Interface Version 2 is a collection of callable service routines that provide the interface between applications and the Teradata Gateway. Gateway is the interface between CLI and the Teradata Database. This download package is for the Solaris platform.

Looking for someone long term who has skills in the following areas:
Netbackup for Teradata (TARA)
Installing Teradata Tools on disparate platforms
Proficient on Arcmain
Sioalris and LINUX Administration
Pass a background check: Must have been in the US physically working for the past 4-5 years+

Install Teradata Client on Unix Sun Solaris SPARC and general x86 machines


I have searched, and can not find out whether the bteq command is provided/supported on Solaris 10 running on an Intel-based machine.

bteq currently runs on an old Sun SPARC machine, and I want to migrate this to a virtualized environment using a Sun/Oracle X4270 M2 running Oracle VM with a Solaris 10 virtual machine.

I have been asked by the server admins to provide a space requirement to install the following Teradata 12 utilities on a SUN Solaris SPARC server:

(1) CLI and related security libraries
(2) BTEQ
(3) FastLoad
(4) MultiLoad
(5) FastExport