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very fast query + very fast query = very slow query ???
I am trying to replicate the following query, which takes under half a second, in a more dynamic way to expand it's usage:
execution plan speed slow hint
Another way to monitoring when viewpoint is very slow
Hi guys, The Viewpoint of my inviroment is very slow and I want find another way to monitoring when this kind of problem occurs. How can I create something like the portlet of "Query monitor" of viewpoint throught DBQL tables or anything else ? Is there possible ?   
viewpoint query dbql slow monitor
Teradata Studio Express laggy on Mac
Teradata studio express is very slow on my Mac.  I’ve checked other threads and think I’ve done all the same steps to address it.  
teradata studio express mac slow
Slow Record Loading into Teradata - with or without PK
I am trying to use the bulk load method using TDCommandBuilder in C# and also compare it to the individual insert statement performance using the following code. I move data back and forth between SQL Server and Teradata.
slow .net driver .net data provider
Performance : ROWID join after JI hit
Hi All, I am trying to debug a query which is taking a lot of time. Following objects are involved in the query :  
rowid join join index performance slow time consuming
Java Function in Teradata is taking too long to execute
I've created a Java Function and imported it in TeraData But after few thousand executions, the function becomes too slow. You can find below output from TOP command. USER       PR   NI VIRT    RES  SHR  S %CPU %MEM    TIME+     COMMAND tdatuser  23   8  815m  33m 1976 S  200   1.4          1835:21  udfsectsk  
udfsectsk java function teradata database slow
Moving cursor around in large SQL Editor files is sluggish
I've been having a problem when working with my large SQL files in Teradata Studio. It seems that when the file contains a lot of text, especially when it flows off the screen to the right, the cursor is very slow to react and if you hold the cursor down to move several characters it will jump a few or many characters.
studio editor slow
Slow Backups through NetBackup
Hi all,  We are experiencing very slow backup performance through NetBackup - Less than 5MB/Sec on a single stream.  NetBackup and network configurations are being checked. Can you please advise what we can look at on the Teradata side... Specific Logs etc. Would increasing the response buffer size help at all?
backup netbackup tara slow
Fastload Import very slow
Hi I been testing the FastExport and Fastload Teradata tools and I am finding that data import using fastload is very slow for a particular table. The process is as follows:
fastload import slow
JDBC DatabaseMetadata.getColumns Seems Slow
When I call ResultSet rs = dbmd.getColumns(null, "CUSTDATA", "TRANS", null); it takes 16 seconds to get an answer back on a fairly unloaded system.  This table has 27 columns.   This seems to be excesvily slow.  Is there anything that can be done to speed this up?  
jdbc performance slow databasemetadata getcolumns