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I seem to be having trouble with a query that I inherited from another developer.  I'm told this is running a 99% skew. Would anybody be able to tell me what looks so skewed about this table?
create table ntl_prd_qmtmptbls.calls_tz_cw as (


Here is my Question!!

- I'm loading a table in dev environment using a third party ETL + mload(non staged mode) -here i am getting 1000rows/sec as throput. when i checked my amp distribution, its equal...(i have 11 amps). skew rate is 30

-I'm loading a same table in another environment(stg) using the same tool+mload(same config as in dev) - but am getting only 300rows/sec as throput. amp distribution is equal... (i have 68 amps)..skew rate is 85%...

i want to know why is there a difference of skew when i have same strategy... high systems..(more amps, more space)..