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Workload Designer has been updated to make it easier to understand and configure how resources are assigned to workloads. TASM 14.0 onwards SLES 11 uses a new method of workload resource allocation that is intended to simplify the process conceptually and procedurally. This post describes the new workload resource allocation user interfaces and how they can be used to perform some basic resource allocation.



Our client is useing Teradata 13.0 and no ViewPoint.

We are trying to set up some system alerts on Dev and Prod boxes for some critical events like CPU Skew, run out of space .

I have configured SMTP for Email alert on dev box and tested server sent me the test mail and success.

Hello ...

I've downloaded and configured the 40Gb version of TDE13.

I've not used teradata since V2R5, and the database, all the tools and documentation were pre-configured for me ...

I have several questions:
- are the PDF files included in the VM or are they a separate download
- I'm able to start the instance and login with BTEQ, though logging in takes 45 seconds (repeatably). I've made the change to /etc/hosts for associating my IP address with dbccop1, but am at a loss as to how to speed up the login within the VM.