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When I switch to a new tab in Teradata Studio 15.10 against the same connection I lose any volatile tables when I return to the original tab.  Is Teradata Studio closing the session with Teradata when I switch to a new tab and run a query (even if against the same connection)?

I want to know who aborted a particular query or session.
Got a pointer towards same from Dieter's post in the forum, and query is:

SELECT TheDate, TheTime, Event_Tag,

      Category, Severity, PMA, VProc, "PARTITION", Task,

      TheFunction,    CAST(TEXT AS VARCHAR(2000)), Line

In View Point, DBAs abort sessions of queries that are badly performing and overally impacting the System performance(because of improper query, stale stats, etc.).Is there any system table or query that can help in identifying sessions that were manually aborted by DBA?

In View Point, a session is in ABORTING state for more than 8 days now.
Whats the reason the session is taking so long to abort?
Is there any way to get rid of this aborting session, to clean up such sessions quickly?


A session pool is a whole bunch of sessions that are logged on to Teradata using the same logon string.


A session pool is started by a START POOL command and this command is initiated by the application.

Can anyone explain from what applications this command can be fired.I belive it cannot be done through bteq.

On Viewpoint Query Monitor's Top Sessions Graph of the Summary view, two metrics are represented:  one by the length of the bar and the other by the color or shading of the bar.  The user chooses a metric left of the graph.  How is that metric displayed (length of bar or color/shading)?  What is the other metric?


Hi all,


I am new to Teradata (spooling up POC) and have thus far not been able to locate the infomation which I am seeking so beforehand I do apologize for such basic questions, but I would greatly appreciate some assistance.



A problem that I have been coming across is that when I connect to Teradata via a third-party programming language (whether that be Python or C), the Teradata session does not terminate until the system times out even though I explicitly close the ODBC connection.  The following is an excerpt from my code:

I am creating a portlet that will be able to graph certain variables such as delta CPU by user name over a day. I know that I can pull all the session data grouped by user name, but I was wondering if there is a method or DAO that you could recommend that would give me a list of user names for a system.

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To view detail information about the sessions logged on to the Teradata system you should use the GetSessionData method. This method returns a Sessions collection. The sessions in this collection are sorted by user name.

This article discusses the use of the Teradata Performance Monitor (COM) object which makes real time Teradata performance information available to a Windows application in a simple object oriented manner.