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Can any one answer my Question...How can we connect (Different Oracle, Teradata) multiple database servers to join the tables from both DB's


My application works on Teradata client. I dont have access to server and hence i do not know what operations can be done at server . For e.g., at client side, DB updations , running macors n stored procedures can be done at client side. What else operations can be done at server side?



Q1. We have a specific requirement... Our Portlet has to communicate with a Java Socket Server OR a Java RMI Server... Is this doable, I mean can we open a socket connection or an RMI connection from inside a portlet's java classes?

I've been struggling with this for a while.. has anyone had success getting this package to work? I've installed the driver using alien to convert the rpm to a deb package. The package installs, but the driver does not appear to be available when viewing the ODBCconfig gui.