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/*I have two views in a company’s HR database I am pulling from. 

One gives a list of hiring actions. The first time an employee is hired, they’re given a sequence of 1. Each time after they’re given a sequence of 2, 3, 4 and so on.

The second view I’m querying has similar information for employees who were terminated. 

Hello All , Good Day,
Our client has given us a mandate to migrate their artefacts from one platform (DB2) and into Teradata v14.0.

After googling around as well as browsing this forum, I failed to find the solution to get gapless sequential ID:s from a TeraData system - is there one? Conflicting information on usefulness of e.g. Identity was offered. In case my post has already a detailed how-to answer somewhere on these forums, please point me to it.


I need to find a few key pieces of metadata about a table's columns. I am using JDBC so the information can be obtained using SQL or jdbc methods like getPrimaryKey etc...