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How to edit Ports and Security Groups of an AWS Instance
Here are the instructions for editing Ports and security groups on an AWS Instance.
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De-mystifying LDAP and SSO - Teradata Database External Authentication
Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) directory integration and Single Sign-on (SSO) are two separate, distinct, and often confusing technologies for external authentication and authorization of user access to a Teradata system. Properly used, these technologies play an important role in the effective integration of Teradata systems with corporate security processes and infrastructure.
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Teradata Secure Zones: Implementation Basics
This session provides a technical overview of Teradata Secure Zones and shows you how easy it is to implement a zone through a hands-on demo.
Secure Zones security Software-Defined Warehouse multi-tenant
Defense in Depth - Best Practices for Securing a Teradata Data Warehouse
Defense in depth is the practice of implementing multiple layers of security to protect business-critical information.
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Now You See It, Now You Can't - How to Use Encryption in Teradata Systems
Many industry regulations, standards, and policies mandate the use of strong encryption to meet various security requirements.
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Scemantic Layer in Teradata Data Warehouse
Hi All, Currently we are in development phase of a new data warehouse for a telecom giant according to cLDM 12 data model. Our next plan is to design & build a scemantic layer on top of this new data warehouse.  
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Hadoop Security 101
Processes for integrating security controls were underdeveloped in early versions of Hadoop because data protection needs in its ecosystem were not well-understood.
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Row-level security
Row-Level Security This feature was introduced in Teradata Database 14.00.
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Looking for Suggestions for Security for a Teradata Data Warehouse
Hi Folks I am working on putting in place security procedures for a Data Warehouse. I have come across a very useful article here :-
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