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How many types of Secondary indexes (NUSI) are there ? I have read about the below three.
2. Hash ordered NUSI
3 Value ordered NUSI
1 .When we dont give any qualifier while creating SI, then what kind of SI does it create  i.e Create Index (xxxx) on dbname.tablename ?

I would like to understand the performance improvement we might get when using secondary index vs collecting Stats. 
If Stats are collected on a singe/multiple columns used often in queries, isn't that sufficient? When should we go for secondary indices, apart from achieving uniqueness on a combination of columns.

SI in normal table creates subtables which holds SI value, SI Row ID and PI Row ID. When we create SI on NoPI or colunar table what will be stored in SI sub table?

Hi All,
I understand that a Secondary Index is a 2-AMP or an all-AMP operation, and also the subtable that is created and its contents.
However, I am not sure in what scenarios should a secondary index (unique or non-unique) be defined.
I would really appreciate some help here.

Hello everybody, I am very new to Teradata.Can anyone pls explain me in brief, in which situation we use Secondary index and why.
I really appreciate that.

Hi Experts,
We have a query which summarise the data based on 2 column col_A and col_b of a table .. if we decide to create Secondary Indexes on col_a and col_B then
individual SI's on col_A  and col_b would be helpful or a composite SI on col_a and col_b would be helpful?
which one would cover the query?

A developer indicated to me that Informatica will not use secondary indexes. Is this true?

This session provides information on the basic concepts of Partitioned Primary Indexes.


We have table Emp declared with Non Unique Secondary index on Emploc and PI on some other column say Empid.

 Now while loading the table EMp Which one of the following approach is more efficient and why ?

Approach 1:

1. Drop the secondary index

2.Load the table

3.Recreate the secondary index.

This is more than an overview of the Indexes that are available in Teradata and how they work.