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This article is to announce the GCA of Teradata OLAP Connector (TOC), Teradata Schema Workbench (TSW) and Teradata OLAP Server (TOS) 15.10 releases. The Teradata OLAP Connector/Server provides additional options for Teradata customers to provide multidimensional database access to their business users.  No additional hardware or infrastructure to purchase or maintain, no need to extract data from the data warehouse and the data access is secured through Teradata Roles and Profiles.

The Teradata Schema Workbench product provides a utility program that facilitates the proper definition and configuration of the metadata repository database (BIM_REPOSITORY) and associated tables required by the Schema Workbench, Teradata OLAP Connector and Teradata OLAP Server products. While it is possible to use tools such as Teradata Studio or Teradata SQL Assistant to manually define and configure the metadata repository, it is strongly advised that you utilize the Schema Workbench Toolbox.

Introduced in the 14.10 OLAP Solutions release, Teradata OLAP Server provides an XMLA service hosted on JBoss 7.1.1 to provide data access interaction between SAP BusinessObjects (BO) 4.1 and the Teradata ROLAP environment. The Teradata OS solution requires deploying one or more Web service WAR files to the JBoss deployment environment. We have recently introduced a toolbox to facilitate the deployment and configuration of these Web services.

Teradata OLAP Connector (TOC), Teradata Schema Workbench (TSW), Teradata Aggregate Designer (TAD) and Teradata OLAP Server (TOS) 14.10 releases are now GCA.  In addition to several key new features, this release adds Teradata OLAP Server which includes an XMLA engine that provides data access interaction between a client applicat

Teradata OLAP Connector (TOC), Schema Workbench (TSW) and Aggregate Designer (TAD) 14.00 Maintenance releases have now been posted for download.  In addition to several key fixes, this maintenance release includes a new TOC feature that allows function, method, and operator calculations to be applied in the underlying Teradata Database rather than on the client system. These calculations are known as pushdown calculations.

I'm facing a problem while connecting on Teradata Workbench that If I try to log on wth any user I get the message "Unable to connect to selected database system".

Some relevant information:

- Both Teradata database and Teradata Workbench are 13.10 version;