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Hi all,
Was wondering if there is anything like dynamic lookup concept where duplicates from source can be prevented from loading into target table?
Source table
col1 | col2 | col3 | col4 | col5 | col6 | col7 | col8 | col | col9 | col10
Intermediate table (For SCD-2 identifying columns are col1, col2, col4)

Hi all,
I am coding for SCD (Slowly changing Dimension) 2 in BTEQ script. What should be ideal code to avoid mess up of data considering SCD-2?
As of now, if there is an error we quit but is there any optimal solution?


This query is regarding moving window function.


What to implement? : I need to have next row start date as current row end date in a teradata table. Following are the important DDL's used for same.



create table changeadm_55.tmp(

col1 integer,

col2 integer,

col3 integer,