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Before I begin, I would like to mention that I have already searched all related topics and couldn't find an answer.

Hi my Name is rahul Singh and I am new to this forum ,can anyone suggest me the best institute for sap abap in hyderabad,your suggestions are deeply appreciated.

Learn how to unlock data in SAP® Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions to discover deeper business insights. Teradata Analytics for SAP® Solutions is the newest addition to Teradata’s portfolio of SAP® integration tools and services.

Implementing SAP/BusinessObjects with Teradata- Module 4 - BOBJ/Teradata Implementation Best Practices

Hello, I am looking to write a stored procedure that when I execute, will drop tables under a certain condition. The reason for this is to drop the temporary tables that SAP leaves behind when a job fails. Purely a testing environment proc, not meant for the customer.

  • Start the Visual Administrator for the SAP Application Server.
  • Once you are connected, select the Cluster tab.
  • Expand the server instance.
  • Expand [Services].
  • Click on the [Deploy] service.