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Hi All,
Is it only me or everyone is not receiving RSS feeds properly??
If its only me do i need to change any settings??

We launched the Developer Exchange forums earlier this month, and after much pestering from the community, we've now added RSS feeds for the forums. There are feeds for each forum, as well as a combined feed for all forums. Subscribe to the RSS feeds by clicking on the RSS icons for each forum. Coming soon: more email notifications for the forums.

 Continuing to make life easier for our contributors and commenters... In addition to RSS feeds, you can now elect to receive email notifications when:

Last week in response, to pestering from our users, we rolled out RSS feeds (see my previous blog post). We're glad to see they're being taken advantage of. However, some users have noted that it was a bit tricky finding the user-specific RSS feeds (no to mention inconsistent UI-wise), especially to find your own RSS feeds.

We're continuing to roll out features on DevX as quickly as possible, so please keep the suggestions coming. We've just made available a fairly comprehensive set of RSS feeds, including site-wide feeds and per-user feeds. To subscribe to a particular RSS feed, keep an eye out for the RSS feed icon Syndicate content - clicking on the icon should result in the browser launching your RSS reader (or you can copy the feed URL and add the feed directly in the RSS reader).