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As per below data, I need to generate a rank or row number type column based upon the following scenarios:


1) For a Location-Order-ID combination, it should be a same number irrespective of other columns (like Class/Date in this example).

I am trying to load a very wide file into a Teradata table using BTEQ and unfortunately the records do not have a unique identifier other than record number which is implied by their location in the file (ie.

Hi All,
Normally, we can find row_number based on the order of columns using ROW_NUMBER() function.
select row_number() over(order by col1) from tablename ;
Is there any way in Teradata to get the Row number based on the order/time of insertion rather than the order of columns contained.
Thanks in advance.


Hi am new to Teradata and am stuck with a problem


There is an ID table which stores an Unique ID given to each person