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I'm trying to do something like below, but its giving me syntax error,
can anyone please tell me what is the issue and how to fix this.
with cte0(ID,int_col1) as(
    select row_number() over (order by (select 1)) AS ID,int_col1 from shuffletest
update cte0 set int_col1=ID;

Hi, I'm Sebastian and I need your help you. I have rows with '    ' data, for example:
My table have 1 row of the name 'tx_name' and... in the name have:
'     Pepito'(in that case use trim for remove )
'Pepito      Albert'(How remove it this space?)
I try with:

Hi everyone! I am currently studying Teradata and currently working on this problem of mine. You see, i have this set of data on a flat file that needs to be loaded in a table based on a condition.

This is what my flat file looks like:

SOR|03/17/2012|2 -- This is a header

In the past I have used Recursive and Rank Partition By to convert rows to columns. Now I have a new situation. I have data:
AccT_id Cust_id
10XXXXX1 85314587
10XXXXX1 92458714
5XX0XXX5 2587452
5XX0XXX5 4258702
5XX0XXX5 54782142
5XX0XXX5 67842521
5XX0XXX5 85745872

I need to place the cust_id into a colmun as:
Acct_id Cust_id1 Cust_id2 Cust_id3 Cust_id4 Cust_id5 Cust_id(N)
10XXXXX1 85314587 92458714
5XX0XXX5 2587452 4258702 54782142 67842521 85745872

Hi all,