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I know that by canceling a rollback we will be loose the table and it will have to be re-populated. 

We perform ETL on a table of transactions.  After loading the transaction table, we want to use Stored Procedures (SPs) to perform the very complex business validations, and then to apply the transactions against a dozen permanent state tables.

currently we are solving problems with data consistency after rollback.
During a solution deployment we proceed in these steps:

I am converting and Oracle PL/SQL Code that supports COMMIT and ROLLBACK. I know we can use BT, ET statements to enclose the transactions. But what about if I want to do conditional Commit and rollback. Like COMMIT if A=B and RollBack if A<>B.
Example of Oracle PLSQL Code to be converted is as follows:

Hi Fellow Teradata Developer,

I have a question on how to set Ansi mode on Teradata SQL assistant, I hope you can Shed some light on this.
When I'm working on BTEQ, on the same Database, I run the command .SET TRANSACTION MODE ANSI, and everything seems to work properly. So It's not an issue related with the Database.