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Compare Rights of two Database
Hi, I am working on building query which will compare "Rights Held by Database1" with "Rights Held by Database2".  Can anyone please suggest what should be the desired query?   Thanks in Advance, Mihir
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Access rights of dropped Database
  Hello     Let's say that i have  a database D1_DQ for which there are a number of roles with rights assigned on it like the ones below:    GRANT DROP VIEW ON "D1_DQ" TO "RL_DQ_BAR"; GRANT CREATE TABLE ON "D1_DQ" TO "RL_DQ_BAR"; GRANT DROP VIEW ON "D1_DQ" TO "RL_DQ_BAR";
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How an Aster user can see all the tables within a schema (not public schema)?
Hello guys,   I am trying to find out a solution/an answer for my problem for some days and my conclusion (till now) is this one: it's possible to grant access for a schema to a role, but nor for its (schema's) content. Please correct me if I am wrong.    Here is my problem:  
grant usage on schema aster 6.00 schema privileges roles
Integrating Teradata Roles and Active Directory
Hi, We received a request from customer, whether we can integrate the Active Directory permissions with Teradata Roles. What they are looking for is -
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Roles - Profiles Best Practices
Hi, What do you guys recommend, are the best practices on creating Roles and Profiles? Right now I have 9 different roles according to user's resposibilities, rights and environment, and clearly most of them must have different priority.  So I created 9 profiles, one for each role. 
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Moving User,roles, profiles from one system to other
Hi All,   What is the best way to move users,roles,profiles from one system to another. We have a client who has got new 2690 box and wanted to do some data movement from Prod to 2690 box.
roles moving user profiles from one system to other
A starter's guide to portlets and dashboards
So you have Viewpoint installed and you are logged in for the first time, a blank Viewpoint pane stares back at you ... Now what?
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Security Administration - Accessing the Teradata Database Through a Middle-tier
Middle-tier applications may stand between end-users and Teradata Database; accepting requests from users, constructing queries from those requests, passing the queries to the database, and then returning results to the users.
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