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VIEWPOINT frozen for 3 hours
A noticeable event early in the morning (time of Paris): it looks like Viewpoint stopped collecting data between 5:51:00 AM and 8:51:00 AM. Activity is logged in LOGONOFF and DBQLOGTBL tables between those two milestones, data collectors are running.
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Utilization Tips for Viewpoint Rewind
This blog discusses tips, tricks, and use cases for Teradata Viewpoint's "Rewind" feature. Hopefully this blog will give you some new ideas on more efficient navigation and different ways of utilizing rewind that you may have overlooked in the past.  
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Time Out! Viewpoint portlet time stamp explained
This blog post provides an explanation of Viewpoint portlet date/time stamp behavior. The rationale for the blog post is that often new customers conclude that their portlets are not working correctly as the time stamp does not match the current time or rewind time. So let's do a quick review on the intent of the portlet time stamp.
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A Viewpoint Success Story
Yet another blog in the series of cool Viewpoint features. This blog however combines Viewpoint cool features with a basis on a true customer analysis success story. The resulting customer feedback was that Viewpoint allowed much quicker problem analysis and resolution.
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Raising Intelligence - Rewind Toolbar
Welcome back to the series of blogs on cool Viewpoint features. Hopefully by now, you've heard about the Teradata "time travel" feature called rewind. Rewind allows one to easily and seamlessly view portlet data and interactions by going back in time for analysis, comparison, or just general reporting.
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How to Support Rewind
Rewind is a new feature in Teradata Viewpoint 13.0 that enables the user to move back in time to see what the portal looked like in the past. This is especially useful for investigating problems because the user can view the state of the system before, during, and after the problem occurred.
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Viewpoint Rewind screencast
The Rewind feature in Teradata Viewpoint allows the user to examine the state of a Teradata system at an arbitrary point in the past. In this video, Teradata Viewpoint engineer Kurt Jackson provides a quick (1 min, 40 sec) overview of the Rewind functionality.  
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