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Hi all,

I have a particular question regarding how the data are stored inside ResUsageSAWT.
When the column TheTime is for example '04:10:00.00' all the data regarding AWTs refers to the interval from 04:00 to 04:10 or refers to the interval 04:10 to 04:20?
Thanks in advance for your help!

Hi All,
It seems WorkTypeInuse00, WorkTypeInuse01 vaules from DBC.ResUsageSawt/PDCRINFO.ResUsageSAWT  are returning wrong values. And the total awt count (WorkTypeInuse00+WorkTypeInuse01)is showing more than 500. Am I missing anything? Please shed some ideas on this.

As you approach full use of your AMP worker tasks, monitoring in-use counts becomes a more important exercise.  The ResUsageSAWT (SAWT) table provides a wealth of information about AWT usage when you need to dive into details.

ResUsageSAWT provides you with several categories of information, including AMP worker task usage and high-water marks broken out by work type, as well as message queue depth/ flow control frequency metrics. 

NOTE:  This content is only relevant to sites on Teradata 12 or earlier.

Congratulations, you’re on Teradata 12! Now it’s time to start redefining your AMP worker task (AWT) monitoring procedures by making use of the new ResUsageSAWT table.