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Hallo all,
I have created a Java external procedure that returns a dynamic result set. I can successfully call it and it returns the correct data. Now how can I store this returned data to a new (temporary) table?

When I call the procedure below in SQL Assistant, the data is returned ok, but without column headers...  Is there any way to include the column headers (e.g., in this case, 'DatabaseName','TableName',etc)?
replace PROCEDURE abc()
dynamic result sets 1
     DECLARE SqlStr VARCHAR(100);

I have just complete some testing with a application I have made using the JDBC teradata driver. However, when I read from my resultset it appears that I lose non standard characters such as (± ¼ »). These are typically used within xml which is what I am also retrieving from the database, and they return as question marks, with an int value of 65533.
The values themselves are correctly shown in Teradata SQL assistant.
I have also tried creating a mysql database, which I could return the same characters from successfully.


In my stored procedures, I'm looking to start recording an "audit log" after each step.

So for example:

* Step 1 in my Stored Proc

DELETE FROM MyDatabase.MyTable_Step1 ALL;

INSERT INTO MyDatabase.MyTable_Step1
SELECT blah;

* Insert Audit Log for the above step

INSERT INTO MyDatabase.AuditLog(SPName, Step, Timestmp, RowsImpacted)
VALUES('MySP', 'Step 1', CURRENT_TIMESTAMMP, CountRowsImpacted() );

* Step 2 in my Stored Proc

UPDATE MyDatabase.MyTable_Step1
FROM ( SELECT 'blah' AS blah ) AS a
SET Col = a.blah

Hi all,

Hope all is well.

I wanted to know if we can pass each row of the syslib.MonitorSession(-1,'*',0) resultset to syslib.MonitorSQLCurrentStep so that I can get each session and its number of steps and its current active step.