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I am attempting to restore a single table to our server.  The table already exists, but I have truncated the data in the table.
First I start ARCMAIN:

arcmain FILEDEF=(ARCHIVE, tdbackup)

I use the following commands to attempt the restore:

We are using DSA as our Backup and Restore option. 
Lately, we have had issues with the Restore portion on our DRT system.
We had a restore job that ran for several hours but seemed to make no progress.  The job was aborted.

I have a backup which was taken using ABU 14.10 that is consisted of 4 data files(4-node configuration) - size is about 1.5 TB. I want to restore this backup on another server which also has ABU 14.10 installed but it is a 2 Node configuration. Is there a way to restore(using the COPY arcmain command) on the 2 Node machine?

I ran a restore using DSA, and received an error in the postscript.  Where can I find the DSA logs so that I can further investigate my error?  I'm guessing it's on the BAR media server, but I need the directory path.

because of business reasons I had to restore some old data. The restore ran fine, but delivered some strange messages, as
"Warning ARC1257:A cross-release data restore requires that a Teradata SQL conversion script be run.  The
following steps must be performed:                

Please help me - 


logon server/ dbc, "dbc";

copy data tables (db1.table) (FROM(db.table)),RELEASE LOCK, file=file.dat;




Sometimes - in random occurrence - during table restore from FS (previously correctly dumped) apears this error message:

Hello folks,

I am reviewing some documentation and have done some research on the ability to protect my data using the Archive utility. My source of the documentaiton is here... http://www.info.teradata.com/edownload.cfm?itemid=101680007

For my situation, I need to have a few datasets (7 at most) to recover from. So given the following Archive script...