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remove line feed, carriage return from column
Hello, does anyone know how to remove some non-printable characters from a string in a column? I imported data via OLE-LOAD from a MS SQL server. At least one column contains '0D0A'XB or '0A'XB. This delivers undesired results when exporting via Parallel transporter. So I have to remove those hex Strings, but
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regexp_replace woes
I want to replace all of the whitespace and non alphanumeric characters in a string. It seems like some form of the following should work:
regex regexp_replace replace translate omgwtfbbq
"Replace" in Teradata - Only SQL statements ?
Hi All I'm trying to implement Oracle REPLACE() function in teradata using SQL statements only. I searched the forum , but found Oreplace() UDF as the only solution.  Can someone help me in implementing this is pure teradata SQL  ??  Thanks Praneeth
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Replace Function
Hi,           Need Help on Replace Function   Senario: There is column with Value:  Text1 , Text2 , Text3; Need to Replace it as Text1 Text2 Text3   Other Information: 1. OREPLACE function is not installed, Please help me with other possibilities
Change all periods "." in a column to forward slash "/"
I am running a query that returns blling data with an account number that contains "." in no set position. What I need to do is replace the period "." in each instance that it occurs with a forward slash "/". I have read many items related to using UDF's, however I do not own the server and have no idea if any UDFs are actually loaded.
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What is allowed in an SQL UDF?
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