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Benjamin Franklin once observed "...in this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes". Planned down time can easily be added to that list. It's a certainty that any given IT system will require some planned down time to address security fixes, make configuration changes, or expand storage and compute capacity.

Hi everyone,
Im facing a small problem, having a procedure that drops the whole table and refreshes (i'm not totally sure that this is the correct way to describe it) will
cause some problems in my opionion if that table consists of possibly 10,000,000 rows and even more. 

Hi All,
I looked into this jira http://developer.teradata.com/viewpoint/reference/how-to-create-a-controller-for-a-refreshed-parameterized-page for inserting a back button arrow into my portlet. It says that I must include the following lines of code into the drilldown jsp.

<%@ taglib prefix="vp" uri="http://teradata.com/viewpoint-widgets"%>