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Recursive sql with Left outer join
I have a query that is using Table1 and Table2 with left outer join on 'usage'. Now I have to join that query with the Table3 with (I guess recursive sql) to generate the 'Resulting table'. I saw lot of examples on recursive sql, but didnt find any thing that is using left outer join. Now my existing query is like this
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How to Use Multiple With Recursive Statements in a Query in TD version 14
Yesterday our DBA's completed the update of our Teradata test environment to version 14.
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Recursive sql
I have this case in teradata, where in the certain set of child members (which are eventually parent members later) should be eliminated (along with their level 0 members ) and rest of the members alone should be fetched. Ex: 100  101 101  102 102  103 105  106 500  100 450  500 500  600
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Help in Recursive query required
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Transpose Rows to columns with 1....N columns
In the past I have used Recursive and Rank Partition By to convert rows to columns. Now I have a new situation. I have data: AccT_id Cust_id 10XXXXX1 85314587 10XXXXX1 92458714 5XX0XXX5 2587452 5XX0XXX5 4258702 5XX0XXX5 54782142 5XX0XXX5 67842521 5XX0XXX5 85745872 I need to place the cust_id into a colmun as: Acct_id Cust_id1 Cust_id2 Cust_id3 Cust_id4 Cust_id5 Cust_id(N) 10XXXXX1 85314587 92458714 5XX0XXX5 2587452 4258702 54782142 67842521 85745872
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Building heirarchal answerset from single table
I have a table that is a list of users that I need get as a heirachal answer set. This table has people from 1st level, 2nd level, and 3rd level in the organizations heirarchy all built the same way..i.e. user_id first_name last_name supervisor_id My problem is that supervisors are built the same way, where the supervisor_id is actually a 2nd line manager. What I need to do is retrieve users by specifying the 3rd level (second line manager) , and list it as such: user_id first_name last_name supervisor_id second_line_manager
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Recursive SQL for Solving Real Business Problems
Does your data warehouse contain organizational hierarchies, bills-of-material, or transportation networks? If so, you likely have a good candidate business problem for recursive SQL...
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