Group Concatenation in Teradata
I have a query that results in data containing customer id numbers, marketing channel, timestamp. So, the results might look something like this.
group_concat RECURSION concatenate
Teradata Spool issue in Recursive issue
Hi , I am facing issues during the execution of one recursive query . means currently the query is running out of spool.  Even table size is < 500 MB and total record is 1800 . During execution query used spool space > 1.5 TB  , can you please help me to optimize this query . Thanks a lot in advance.
RECURSION spool space
Recursive Query
Hi All, Can you please let me how recursive query works for more than 2 tables. As per my understanding with the syntax, we can take only one source table and the other would be recursive table. My doubt is can we take more than 2 source tables? If so kindly let me know how to achieve it.
Creating Group ID from SUM Limit
I have a list of products and a count corresponding to the quantity sold in a single table. The data is laid out as such: Product Name     QTY_SOLD Mouse                       23 Keyboard                  25 Monitor                     56 TV                             10 Laptop                      45