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.logon,dbc;      ARCHIVE DATA TABLES      (RETAIL) ALL,      RELEASE LOCK,      FILE=ARCHIVE; .logoff; Hi, I want to archive teradata database table. I am using above script. after executing the script. I got following error.
arcmain archive recovery
Backup consistency
Hi all, I am not seeing any information on this so I thought I'd ask the smart minds here ;-). Are Teradata backups consistent as at the backup start time or end time?   Thanks,
general backup recovery question
Connections to Teradata
Hi all,   I am new to Teradata (spooling up POC) and have thus far not been able to locate the infomation which I am seeking so beforehand I do apologize for such basic questions, but I would greatly appreciate some assistance.  
general session backup failure recovery connection availability
Using a named pipe archive to copy a database from one system to another
Recently, I was presented with a situation to move several Terabytes of data from one machine to another. So FastExport/FastLoad really wasn’t feasible. I didn’t have the hard drive space to hold the flat files because they were so big. So then I tried to archive the database, but again, the archive file was too big.
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How to recovert Teradate Query from Windows Standby
Hi, I was running a complicated query using Teradata installed on my local laptop. But my laptop went to stand-by mode as it was closed. So, I had to re-boot my laptop. I have been running the teradata query for the last 8 hours and feel frustrated. Is there a way to recover whatever was done by the query and re-start from where it crashed?
teradata query recovery crash
Teradata Backup and Recovery.
Hi all, I am very new to Teradata. Want to learn about Backup and Restore a Teradata Database. Kindly somebody help me to get this. Thanks in advance.
teradata backup recovery