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I am a little confused about the suntax of the RANK() function.
I thought that the proper syntax was: RANK() OVER (PARTITION BY xx ORDER BY yy)
But I found that you can write: RANK(YY).

Hi all..
i have the query

qualify rank() over (partition.....question


in teradata form.  now i need to convert it to infomatica. can anyone help me provide the conversion for the "rank()" in informatica.???


thanks in advance..!!



I have a SQL problem that I have solved using an OLAP function but I am wondering if there is a better way to do it - more elegant with potentially better performance. Here is the essence of the problem. Each person must take a test once per day over a specified period of time. They may take the test more than once per day, but must take the test at least once. During the course of the day they can also move around to different rooms. The data would look something like this for one person:

Person_Name Location Test_Date Test_Time

. Here is the reasons and the resolutions to the Qualify and group by issues.
.This error occurs when an aggregate query includes a non-aggregate expression in the SELECT list, WHERE clause, ORDER BY clause, HAVING clause or WITH list that is not also exactly specified in the corresponding GROUP BY or WITH...BY clause. Note that the optimizer also return this error when ORDER BY and WITH clauses contain aggregates but the query does not.