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Hello, I'm looking at clinic data and I'd like to group my check-in times into three main categories: 1) 7am-4pm, 2) 4:01pm-6pm, and 3) 6:01pm-11:59pm. Check-in time is formatted as follows: mm/dd/yyyy hh:mm:ss, and is 24-hour. But I reformatted it like this: hh:mi:ssbt. So now it gives me a 12-hour time with an AM/PM designation.

Hi all,
I was extending the partition of some tables to host the 2015 and I have notice this strange behavior.
I have this table called Table1

Many SQL dialects support RANGE in addition to ROWS in the window framing (where the limited are defined in terms of a value-based or range-based set of rows, rather than specific number/sequence of rows).

hi, i've got this table with the field ampcputime, which is a integer and used the following text in a query

I am pretty new to teradata and know some basic SQL but I find that I am struggling with this problem.

Hi everyone..
Well, I have a table with the following structure and I need to add  a new RANGE by adding the field People_Subscription_Start_DT:
PARTITION BY RANGE_N (People_Subscription_Start_DT DATE '2008-09-01' AND DATE '2013-12-31' EACH INTERVAL '1' DAY, NO RANGE);