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Using case when with a timestamp in the select statement
Hello, I'm looking at clinic data and I'd like to group my check-in times into three main categories: 1) 7am-4pm, 2) 4:01pm-6pm, and 3) 6:01pm-11:59pm. Check-in time is formatted as follows: mm/dd/yyyy hh:mm:ss, and is 24-hour. But I reformatted it like this: hh:mi:ssbt. So now it gives me a 12-hour time with an AM/PM designation.
case when timestamp time ranges Range groupings
Extend Partition Behavior
Hi all, I was extending the partition of some tables to host the 2015 and I have notice this strange behavior. I have this table called Table1
partition Range extend primary index range_n partitioning
Alternative for RANGE window framing (instead of ROWS)
Hello, Many SQL dialects support RANGE in addition to ROWS in the window framing (where the limited are defined in terms of a value-based or range-based set of rows, rather than specific number/sequence of rows).
Range window framing OLAP functiona OVER window
RANGE in INTEGER data fields
hi, i've got this table with the field ampcputime, which is a integer and used the following text in a query
Range integer case interval
Counting Records Through Multiple Date Ranges
I am pretty new to teradata and know some basic SQL but I find that I am struggling with this problem.  
count date Range Interation Iterative recursive
About Partitioned Primary Index (PPI)
Hi everyone.. Well, I have a table with the following structure and I need to add  a new RANGE by adding the field People_Subscription_Start_DT: PARTITION BY RANGE_N (People_Subscription_Start_DT DATE '2008-09-01' AND DATE '2013-12-31' EACH INTERVAL '1' DAY, NO RANGE);  
ppi Range