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I am a new developer in Teradata world and I'm having to take the quotes from a variable to a software returns me.


I have that: a12.Calendar_Dt in (DATE '11/26/2013')


I can manipulate the start and the end of the variable but not the center.

Hi to all,
I want to load data using TPT utilities into table which has special characters in table name and column names. In my code I build dml statement:

Hi everyone,
I want to execute the following Teradata request in a load_from_teradata in an Aster request, but i have an error because of the quote marks in the filter :
select * from load_from_teradata (
ON mr_driver TDPID('PROD') username('aster_dapp_tec') password ('****')

Hi All,
I would like to know, in Teradata, does it allow single quotes for numeric datatype (int or decimal)?
I have tried TD using quotes. It works. but one of my friend is facing issue when using single quotes.
create table lavendar.alpha(eno integer,salary decimal(12,2));

Hi All,
    I have a SP like below.