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I have give Stats access on A (DB) to all B (DB) with grant option...
Since, I wanted Stats access on all of the child DBs in A (DB) for B (DB), upon checking in AllnessFlag has Y (dbc.accessrights), but these rights are not getting inherited.
Is there any other to get Stats access inherited to all DBs in A(DB).

Hi All

What I want oto know
Iam intrested to know all the explicit access rights on a given table covering individual and role privileges.
Say for eg - UserA and RoleA have insert rights on Table1.
Then what should I query to get the resultset showing UserA and RoleA with their access.

What I know
1.Using DBC.ALLRIGHTS and DBC.ALLROLERIGHTS , by providing a username , we can get all the explicit rights granted to user either directly or via role.
2.Specifying tablename in WHERE clause of DBC.ALLRIGHTS , the resultset gives us the user name and its rights having automatic access.