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I have a scheduled job(a set of CPU intensive statements) which should run under a high priority workload during off business hours and should run under a low prioirity workload when the sytem is busy during business hours.

Is there anyway to alter how Viewpoint displays the queryband in the queryband tab in Query Monitor?  Prior to upgrading to VP 14.0, we were able to see the full queryband, but now it gets chopped off and I can't see the information that I'm looking for, I've attached a picture of what I'm talking about:



What is QUERY_BAND and why we use it?

How does 'SET QUERY_BAND' command work in teradata utility?


The commonly known technique to pass parameters to SQL statements at the system or session level utilizes tables (permanent or global temporary tables).
In this blog post, I'll show better performing techniques for system and user level variables using views and QueryBanding.
These solutions are based on TD13, but can also be used pre-TD13, although performance might be worse.