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How to Implement Query Banding with Informatica
Every tried to figure out the exact ETL/ELT process that is running some sql statement from within the database..... good luck with that! Query Banding is part of Teradata's workload management features BUT can also be simply used to trace exactly what process is executing something.
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Query Band with a Macro
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Query Banding
What is QUERY_BAND and why we use it? How does 'SET QUERY_BAND' command work in teradata utility?  
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How does queryband help in getting skew information ? I was reading one of the manual and it says that by using substr in queryband , we can get the skew information , can someone shed light on it.?  
Teradata Viewpoint 13.10 released
Teradata is pleased to announce the official release of Teradata Viewpoint 13.10 effective August 27th, 2010. The primary focus of this Viewpoint release is the "Workload Designer" portlet for Teradata Active System Management (TASM) / workload management configuration. The Workload Designer portlet is an addition to the TASM Portlets bundle joining the Workload Health and Workload Monitor portlets introduced with the Teradata Viewpoint / TASM Portlets 13.02 release in January 2010. 
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