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Improving query performance
Hi, Is there any query to pad a zero only if the hour/ min is single digit? Otherwise display as it is. I am able to do this using substring and trim, but the query is taking too long. Is the any easy way for this? I am having approximately 24 M records. Any help  is appreciated. Thanks.
datetime query performance
Analysis of skew of spool files
Hi As spool file is one of the usual issue of complex queries or queries run upon large data sets, It would be good to have chance to look at skew of spool files. If it was a chance to somehow check/calculate skew of spool file - even if it is per query and steps of the query, it would be more than useful.
spool skew query performance
Measuring Performance in DownSized Environment
Hi All,   I am measuring the performance of a query execution in a test environment and i have a following scenario..... This test environment has data volume equivalent to production environment, but its hardware is downsized compared to production environment, i.e., its 40% or 50% of production environment or configuration.  
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Explain plans differ when object (view) names are fully qualified and when they are not
Does the optimizer treat a query differently when the object names in the query are fully qualified vs. when they are not fully qualified ? I came across a query which gives one explain plan when the views referenced by the query are fully qualified i.e. <databasename>.<viewname>
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How to calculate query cost and compare 2 queries which gives the same result set?
sql query performance query cost