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Orchestrating an analytic workflow in the Teradata Unified Data Architecture
Overview This article describes how to combine exploratory analytics and operational analytics within the Teradata Unified Data architecture (UDA). The UDA is a logical and physical architecture that adds a data lake platform to complement the Teradata Integrated Data Warehouse. In the Teradata advocated solution, the data lake platform can either be Hadoop or a Teradata Integrated Big Data Platform optimized for storage and processing of big data. Query Grid is an orchestration mechanism that supports seamless integration of multiple types of purpose built analytic engines within the UDA.
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QueryGrid: Teradata - BigInsights
Hi - Our Platform Setup is like this: Teradata 15.00 and IBM BigInsights Flavor of Hadoop Implementation. We are trying to explore the option of implementing TD Query Grid to connect to Data in BigInsights. 
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Teradata Query Grid and Machine Learning in Hadoop
This article describes how to use Teradata query grid to execute a Mahout machine learning algorithm on a Hadoop cluster based on data sourced from the Teradata Integrated Data Warehouse.
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