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Querybanding provides the capability to wrap metadata around a query. This presentation focuses on the many uses of the Querybanding feature.

Hi all, I am looking for a way to be able to see what database/table(s) a Terdata MACRO inserts into, updates, or deletes from.  We are setting query banding and are able to see the ALL of the tables the MACRO leverages, but simply are unable to determine which one(s) it is inserting into, updating or deleteing from.

"udaSQL" provides a DevOps focused SQL Execution Engine that allows the developer to focus on their SQL and Procedural algorithms while ensuring that the needs of the Operations team are addressed by embedding operational and query logging directly into the engine.

The Query Band tab in the Query Monitor Detail View is grayed-out. What activates this tab? Which underlying table(s) store the Query Band attribute?

Thanks in advance!

One of the biggest benefits of Query Banding is the ability to pass parameters into an SQL script.

Establishing an associative security table lookup between a userid and allowable company codes may allow easy access to the base data tables.  

Last week we concluded by challenging you to consider how a Connection Pool contributes to the performance of Web and Web service applications. Further we suggested that this week we would expand on this thought by exploring what you can do, during the development of an Active Integration application, to achieve improved performance through collaborating with the Database on Workload Management.

Until now nothing that we have discussed has been dramatically different from any other Spring Framework / DAO / Web services / JEE / POJO tutorial, however, there is method to this madness in that it was necessary to introduce the Teradata Masters out there to some new Java concepts while leading the Java Masters into the Teradata fold. While this has taken a reasonable number of weeks to accomplish it should now be safe for the entire readership to enter the world of Teradata Workload Management and Query Banding together.