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Querybanding provides the capability to wrap metadata around a query. This presentation focuses on the many uses of the Querybanding feature.

Every tried to figure out the exact ETL/ELT process that is running some sql statement from within the database..... good luck with that!

Query Banding is part of Teradata's workload management features BUT can also be simply used to trace exactly what process is executing something.

I have a project specific requirement where I need to set a query band dynamically based on input parameters. I'm trying to achieve this via macros(we're on version 13.10). But the issue is that if I'm passing parameter to a macro that has only the "set query band" statement, I can only do it if the query is "for transaction" and not "for session".

The Query Band tab in the Query Monitor Detail View is grayed-out. What activates this tab? Which underlying table(s) store the Query Band attribute?

Thanks in advance!

This blog discusses how Query Bands have been implemented in the .Net Data Provider for Teradata