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Hi All,
Is there any way to count queries which do all row scan of tables? I tried to get the same through dbc.DBQLExplainTbl but it didnt help.
Any help would be appreciated.

Is there any way of measuring what percentage of the resources are currently being used by top consuming queries ? For example, assuming currently a query can get 100% of the resources...how do I find the top consuming SQL queries using? 50%, 75% , etc ?
Currently on TD13.10

I was lucky enough to be able to attend Partners in San Diego last week.  As part of that, I did have an opportunity to speak a time or two and discussed a few performance issues.

I discussed swapping, SegIO Reads, and measuring I/O bandwidth but wasn't able to provide detail or queries, etc. at the time.

They are below.


Today in Viewpoint, one has two options for viewing of session/query information. The MyQueries portlet allows a user to see their queries even for varying Teradata logins across different Teradata systems. There is also the Query Monitor portlet that allows one to see all the queries on a system with various sorting and filtering options.

Penalty boxes have been around for years.  They come in all shapes and sizes.  Their single, focused purpose is to lock away bad queries and thereby protect good queries, while not condemning the bad ones to the ultimate penalty of being aborted.  If you’re using penalty boxes, I want to encourage you to look inside them once in a while, and open your eye


I am new to Terra Data. I have complex queries that are retrieving data from different tables and using different joins. Also, i have to apply some conditions to clean the duplicates and time period checks.