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Understanding Quantile
Hi, I have created below table Employee  emp_id    emp_sal  1                10  2                20  3                30  4                40  5                50  6                60     After executing sel emp_id, emp_sal,quantile(6,emp_sal) as A from employee;
OLAP functions quantile
Missing functions: CUME_DIST & NTILE
In my previous post i covered some ranking functions including SQL:2008 RANK, ROW_NUMBER & DENSE_RANK. But Standard SQL defines three additional functions based on ranking: PERCENT_RANK and CUME_DIST as relative rankings and a percentile calculation named NTILE.
quantile cume_dist ntile
Numeric overflow error. Querying 27+ billion row table. Finding ranges.
Hi, I am trying to find the PERSON_ID ranges by row count in a 27+ billion row table. This is so I can subset the data in smaller 'chunks' for processing.
2616 numeric oveflow row_number quantile