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select t3.code, t3.storenum, t4.itemid, t4.price 
from sales t4
join (select t1.code as code, t1.storenum as storenum, t2.year as year, t2.week as week
from store t1 join dates t2 on t2.cal_date between t1.startdate and t1.enddate) t3
on t3.year = t4.year
and t3.week = t4.week

Hi All
I have two tables like below with sample data:
   ID_COL            |     REF_COL
    123                  |     Desc_123
    100                  |     200_payout

Problem Description
A typical lookup kind of JOIN between FACT table with hundreds of millions of web clicks, and DIM table with 55M IP ranges in numeric style (e.g. downloaded from MaxMind).

I've recently noticed that the Teradata parsing engine doesn't pick up on / given an error for 'accidental cartesians' or, to use another term to make it more clear why I think this is a significant bug, 'unreferenced / unqualified tables'.

Hi !

I want to know if there any difference between Product Join and Cartesian Product Join ?
If not then why do we have separate Join strategies as Product and Cartesian in Teradata ?

Nitin 'Raj' Srivastava