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ResUsage Table Stop Working on TD Demo
Hi everyone, I have a problem with the virtual machine (vmware) demo of TD Database that was working good until yesterday... For my purposes I need the ResUsage tables to collect data and while making experiments changing in CTL the Logging Rate from 60 to 600 seconds the tables stop collecting rows. I restart the virtual machine lots of time but nothing seems to happen, every enabled ResUsage table does not collect data anymore!!!
database resusage problem demo logging rate ctl screen rss restart
Problem with an insert statement...
  CREATE VOLATILE TABLE temp(cola VARCHAR(20),colb VARCHAR(20),dat1 DATE FORMAT 'ddmmyyyy', dat2 DATE FORMAT 'ddmmyyyy')  ON COMMIT PRESERVE ROWS;   When i tried inserting using the ODBC connection like this   INSERT INTO temp VALUES('a','b','01012000','05012000');    
odbc problem teradata.net
Better approach for the given problem
Hi Masters, I am looking for a better approach for the below requirement with out using Union Input table:  (total volume will be 100 million records) Col1 Col2 Col3 1 1 1 1 2 2 1 2
sql statement problem approach better
End user problem reading data when items have duplicate or more ids
Hi all, This is just an example of the problem I have, in real life it’s has other columns and so on but this example suits my question.