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The Windows installation of Studio and Studio Express supports preconfigured preferences that can be provided during the installation process. The feature focuses on those preferences that pertain to database interactions.

How can I save/export my Teradata Studio application preferences in the event I want to share them with a co-worker or make a backup?

Windows Version 15.10.11

Hi All,


I am using SQL Assistant as my workbench for TERADATA.

Recently, my system crashed and i had to setup the SQL assistant again.

SQL history was available in a MS Access DB file and i was able to save a lot of time as i had backed it up earlier.


However, i had a tough time with the following :


I am interested in knowing what exactly is the below mentioned code doing:

What is stored in ${isConfig} ...?


We need each VP user to be able to store his very own portlet preferences values
in a custom developed VP portlet .
Like each user needs to configure his own personal database-login in the preferences.

The problem right now is that as soon as user 'A' changes the values of the his own preferences to his own
personal settings, his settings are somehow distributed to all other vp users too.

So next time when user 'B' looks at his preferences settings he will see the personal
preferences settings of user 'A' , instead of his own user 'B' preferences settings.