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You would expect the other way around .... Optimizer can make estimates that are thrown off the real count based on so many factors.
I dont recollect seeing this kind of situation before - I am on v13 . 

Hi Folks
This may sound a bit 101 -  but really I am still looking for a detailed explanation about this stuff vide some formal documentation.
In  PMON you see various values for AMP state and PE state.
AMP State _______ ( dispatching / active etc ) 
same goes for PE 
PE State _________ 

Hi all,
my project uses a TD 13.10 system.
we are planning to develop a Java based application to dynamically view the queries run by our ETL jobs.
specifically queries that are blocked by other queries. I know this can be accomplished by PMon tool.
but we would like to view this information in a custom built application.

Are There anyway we can disable logons for PMON clients and Teradata Manager.
Our Primary concerns is to allow user to abort their own queries from Viewpoint [My Queries] tab which requires the user have [ABORT SESSION] privilege.


I am in the process of upgrading my client's desktops to the TTU 13.1 version. Does PMON (Performance Monitor) still exist with this version? I could not find it in the utilities.

If PMON does still exist, can someone tell me where I can download it from? If it does not exist, what replaced it?