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Hi All;
I have installed the drivers for php on a RHEL 7 system. I've configured the odbc.ini with the same settings I had on an older system but I am getting this error when trying to load a page that queries the database. Installed driver is 15.10

Hi All, 
I am trying to compile the teradata driver for php based on these instructions
I am getting an error about a missing odbc.h file. Anybody run into this issue? 
I am using php 5.6.20 and the compile details are as follows

Error Using teradata client for centos 6/7 php/python/unixODBC

What steps need to be done to connect Teradata using PHP?

Is it necessary to install the Teradata driver on the same server that the PHP files are located on?

Can someone please share an example of how to connect to Teradata using PHP?

Hi guys I am a beginner and received an email from Oracle regarding JavaOne & Oracle Develop conference 2011 to be held in Hyderabad..


I am trying to connect Teradata from Linux Red Hat ( LAMP-Installation ) via ODBC-Driver.
isql works fine, but i cant connect Teradata with PHP.

SQL error : SQl State in 00000 in SQLConnect ...

( Teradata ODBC Version 13.0 - Red Hat 4.0 )

Has anybody working a PHP/Teradata Connection and know a solution ?

This blog post introduces a simple global static caching mechanism for PHP. But first, some background. One of the joys of developing this website, the Teradata Developer Exchange, has been building the site on Drupal, a PHP-based Content Management System. Having spent the last decade building heavyweight J2EE apps like Viewpoint, I was curious to see what life was like in the fast-and-loose world of PHP development.